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Veterinary physiotherapy is a science based profession, which takes an holistic approach to each patient and can be used alongside veterinary care to help in the treatment, long-term management or rehabilitation of many musculoskeletal or neurological injuries and conditions.

Veterinary Physiotherapy aims to reducing pain, improve movement, restore normal muscle control and function and minimise the risk of injury whilst maximising the performance of competitive or working animals.


Review of full clinical history

Land assessment

Gait analysis

Pain assessment

Joint range of movement assessment

Muskuloskeletal assessment

Soft tissue assessment

Treatment plan

Vet report (if required)



£75 (initial assessment session 45mins)

£45 (Follow up sessions 30mins)

Aqua Treadmill

The aqua treadmill is usually the gold standard option for most canine conditions during rehabilitation. This is because unlike swimming it utilises the same muscle groups used during standing, walking or running. therefore when our aim is to improve muscle tone, correct gait or stabilise joint function the aqua treadmill allows our therapists to get hands on to support your dog, make manual adjustments to their movement and adjust the water height according to the level of buoyancy and support required for your dog.

Most dogs will be recommended to move onto the pool for ongoing maintenance once desired levels of improvement has been reached.


Use of harness or bouyancy aid

Hydrotherapy treatment

Pre & post session shower

Veterinary reporting

Treatment sessions also include:

Pre session clinical check

Updating of home excercise plan if appropriate


£47.50 per 30min maintanence session (these can only be booked once treatment sessions are completed)


Although the aqua treadmill is the treatment of choice for most canine conditions, sometimes we will opt to use our pool instead. This could be because it is the preferred option for a specific injury or for a dog for whom the treadmill is not proving suitable.

The pool is ideal for ongoing maintenance once the desired recovery has been achieved as it allows your dog to move his joints through a full range of motion in a weightless and therefore reduced pain environment


Use of Harness or bouyancy aid

Health check

Pool session

Use of toys

Pre & post session shower


Adult swim £42.50 per 30min session

Extra staff member £25 (May be required for very large or anxious dogs or those needing extra support)

Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy involves stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes, optimising repair and helping to restore normal cellular function. Three key effects have been identified:

  1. improved and faster healing
  2. Pain relief
  3. Reduction in inflammation

10 min pre hydro or stand alone laser session

Laser therapy is one of the most advanced forms of treatment for drug free pain relief, faster healing, improved circulation and decreased inflammation & swelling.

£12.50 per 10 mins

For more info on laser therapy please click link below: